Assigned reading of Persepolis

In Week 5 Videos 3-4 , we explored two themes that are vividly present in Persepolis: -Week 5 Video 3 explored THEME 1: Iran is not a monolith. Rather, it is a diverse, complex society comprised of people who hold different political positions and cultural perspectives, who occupy different socio-economic classes, and who belong to different ethnicities. -Week 5 Video 4 explored THEME 2: How regimes establish themselves and assert their power: they seek to control bodies, ideas, and expression 1)You have now read p.3-153 (PDF p.7-157) of the novel. From your reading, choose a moment or an episode in the text that resonated with you. 2)a) Explain how this moment or episode illustrates Theme 1, Theme 2, or both b) Explain why this moment or episode resonated with youc) Describe how its presentation as panels in a graphic novel affected youd) Describe how its presentation from a child’s perspectiveaffected you 3)In Week 5 Video 3, we explained the concept of the universal and the particular as a framework for reading the novel. Please explain how your chosen moment or episode informs its reader about an aspect of Iranian government and society (the particular) and simultaneously resonates with experiences, behaviors, or ideas you’ve seen in your own life and society in the United States (the universal). [As mentioned in Week 5 Video 4, please note that to say something is universal does not imply equivalence; Iran and the United States obviously have very different governments and societies. It simply means that the issues raised by Satrapi about her own country resonate with readers from other countries, who can recognize these issues playing out in their own societies, albeit in different ways and to different degrees. As discussed in the video presentations, Satrapi raises several such issues—for example, attempts to manipulate the media by people in power, attempts to use political/social/cultural pressures to dictate or condition women’s behavior, etc.] Requirements: 1-2 pages | .doc file

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