Ashford University Canon Inc Market Position Research Paper

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Justification the stock Canon Inc. (CAJ) One page.

For example, are CAJ in industries that are poised for turnaround? Are CAJ potential takeover candidates? Are they financially sound? What do analysts say? Answer the question, “Why is this stock’s B/M high (P/B low)?” You must provide specific reasons!

Canon IncTickerCAJExchangeNYSESectorTechnologyIndustryComputer Hardware

Principal Competitor

Tech IS UsPrice on 9/25$16.94

Book Value per share

$23.91P/B0.71Industry P/B0.56Market Cap ($bil)$17.622Book Value ($bil)

Median Price Target

$16.12Dividend yield4.6%Forward EPS$1.16Forward P/E14.5

Industry Forward P/E

4.7Beta0.72PEG Ratio2.00

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