Ashford University Basic Times of Occupation and Abandonment Discussion

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First, identify the basic times of occupation and abandonment using the pottery data, datable artifacts and C-14
dates provided. By “times,” I mean continuous episodes of people occupying the site, which may extend across
several archaeological periods. For example, “The site was occupied continuously between the Late Pleonastic
and Middle Chiastic Periods, based on the presence of wheel-made pottery with red spirals on pale surface,
white circles on dark surface, and white rectangles on dark surface in Strata X, Y, and Z. It was abandoned
during Late Chiastic Period ….” Indicate briefly what evidence leads you to your conclusions. You do NOT

need to regurgitate all of the evidence given for each stratum. Second, identify any probable buildings and what
features belong to them (these might include walls and floors between walls), any graves, or other features
evident in the sectional diagram and with what latest period they are associated; if a more specific latest
terminus post quem than a whole period is possible because of a more specifically datable item associated with
it, provide that as well for any graves, buildings, or other features that you have identified. Third, answer the
specific questions below.

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