ASA College Ethical Dilemma of Abortion Essay

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I have an Ethics Paper to do. i need your help with this Ethics Paper with is my Term Project. i have 3 topics for you. and you should choose one of them to Write about.

The topic that you are going to choose should be as it requires in the Word document that i Submitted for you to check. Your work should look professionally, because it is for my Term project.


1. Abortion

2. Gun control

3. Animal research/Animal Experiment

You should choose one of these topics to write about. You can go and search from Internet resources to get information about these topics. For writing about these kind of topics it is easy to find Google Scholars. You should write about everything for the topic of your choice. (Advantages and disadvantages, history of it, future of it, in today’s life, positives and negatives of it and others)

You should write it without any similarities. I don’t need any copy and pastes.

You should write minimum 2800 words.

Prof. Angela


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