ARTS 311 University of Phoenix Charcoal Drawing Analysis Paper

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Choose 1 of the artworks listed below and develop a 2-page analysis paper that describes the techniques and principles of drawing used in the chosen piece.

Rembrandt, Saskia as Bride, silverpoint drawing:

Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of Joseph Roulin, reed pen drawing:

Edgar Degas, Edmond Duranty, charcoal drawing:

The format for the paper must follow these basic guidelines:

Introduction: State all pertinent information about the piece, artist, medium, size, subject, art movement, etc.

Brief Description: What is the subject matter? What do you see?

Analysis: Describe, as best as you can, the artist’s technique in the piece.

Conclusion: Express your own informed opinion about the work. What you say here must be supported by your analysis above.

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