ARTH 573B San Diego State University Pagans in The Church School of Athens Journal

I’m trying to learn for my History class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

“Journal Instructions:

Take your time reading the articles/book chapters. After reading the article and taking good notes so that you have thought about the material, you are ready to write your Journal entry. Summarize the author’s thesis—what was this reading really about, in a nutshell? What are some of the main points in support of his/her argument? Paraphrase rather than quote—use your own words. What did you find particularly interesting or insightful about the reading? Is there anything you did not understand? Is there one line/a short sentence that really struck you as important? Length should be a few meaty paragraphs (around 500 words), more if you are inspired. This is like a mini-essay, use paragraph form and proper sentences and grammar.”

“The format will be the same for all assignments. Prepare and paste your response into the Turnitin module. Save your journal response in a document before uploading it, and keep it in a safe place.

“1. In one or two sentences, what is the thesis/main argument/subject of the chapter/article?”

“2. What are three important points that you took away from the reading assignment? Select one or two points from the first third, one or two points from the second third, and the same from the last third of the reading. Use your own words, paraphrase, do not use quotes. Did you have any questions or parts that you didn’t understand?

“Here is a suggested format to help you formulate your journal, use sentences and paragraphs like a little essay (you don’t need section headers), not point form or phrases:


Important points:

Important points from first third:

Important points from second third:

Important points from last third:

Concluding thoughts”

Prof. Angela


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