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For your Museum Paper, I would like you to visit an art museum, either in person or virtually online, and find ONE piece of artwork from any of the time periods and cultures we’ve studied in class that catches your attention. You may choose a painting or sculpture. Your work will be scored according to whether or not you have adhered to the following specifications: 10 points – Title Page (including your name (first and last), date, class name and section number and the title of your essay) 10 points – Image of the artwork (including captions/image info (Title, artist, date, culture)) 10 points – Bibliography with at least 3 entries 10 points – Citing each bibliographical reference in body of paper at least once 10 points – Adherence to standard paper format (Size 12, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and normal, 1” margins) 30 points – Body of Paper (Essay at least 3-4 pages, approx. 1,000 words) = 20 points – Essay includes a thesis statement/argument as well adhering to the criteria outlined below* This paper should be written in your own words. Limit the amount of historical or analytical information from other sources (this includes what is posted in your art gallery/museum and from our textbook). The introduction should state the characteristics of the time period represented by your piece as well as a thesis statement. And please include how you felt about your museum visit/experience in your conclusion. *Essay (Body of the Paper) Grading Criteria: – Introduction and conclusion – Addressing the image you discuss in your essay in a meaningful/topical way – Include the piece’s title, artist (if known), date, and museum location in the essay – Give a thorough and detailed description of the piece – Define the purpose of the objects/figures featured in the piece – Describe the relative size and placement of objects/figures – Discuss the characteristics that can be attributed to the time period/culture – Explain any symbols (people, objects, colors, placement can be symbolic) – Does your piece convey a social, religious, or political message? – Providing evidence or examples in an effort to prove or test your thesis/argument This is the art work I have chosen :… Requirements: 1,000 words

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