Arkansas State The Failure of Health Care in Urban America Book Critique

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-Book Critique:

– Write a 5 to 10 page critique of the “Abraham book”. “The book critique is not just a summary of the book”.


– It is more like an evaluation of the book
within the context of the course.

– Please be as specific as possible in
writing your critique. Use “Examples or Quotations” from the book and other
sources to support your writing.

**** IT is Required that you use the following “Outline” for the critique. In fact you may want to use each item as a heading and briefly respond to that heading. This will make it easier.


1. Title and Author of Book and year of

2. Topic of Book (please be specific)

3. Purpose of Book

4. Primary Audience

5. Brief Summary

6. Medical Sociology Issues and Concepts

7. Contribution to the Course

8. Contribution to your Learning

9. Issues of Topics for Further Discussion

10. Your reaction to the Book.

– The book is attached

L.K.(1993).Mama might be better off dead: The failure of health care
in urban America.Chicago: The University of Chicago.

Prof. Angela


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