ARCH 206 Texas A&M University Architecture History of Gilman Hall Narrative Essay

1. COVER PAGE: Well-composed (designed) Cover Page that includes:

a. Course Number & Section
b. Course Semester, Year & Instructor name
c. Assignment Name
d. Name, Image, Location of your selected building
e. Student Name & ID

2. PRECEDENT SELECTION: (same as INTRODUCTION + BIBLIOGRAPHY in the Guide) in three paragraphs:
a. Introduce your building by its name, location, construction dates, and its architect name.
b. Compare it with any appropriate famous historic building/s elsewhere in the world that is
covered in the course.
c. Explain why you selected it, what you want to learn from it, and how does it relate to your
architectural practice.

This is a list of sources you have reviewed in preparation of your Precedent Report. Your research
should primarily be conducted using the Morgan State, University of Maryland and Enoch Pratt
Library systems. At a minimum, works cited should include three (5) books and/or journal articles. All
sources should be properly quoted and cited (including web sources and images) using Chicago
Style. See example below:
Francis Ching, Mark Jarzombek and Vikram Prakash, A Global History of
Architecture (Wiley, 2010).
NOTE: Your textbook is not an appropriate source for this Precedent Report assignment as it is a
general survey book and does not provide in depth information on a single building

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