Anthony Westons Nonprofit Management Case Collection Discussion Questions

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Read Anthony Weston’s Nonprofit Management Case Collection—Anna Fixx (attached) and discuss the following questions:

  1. What does TCG’s board owe the membership by way of input to major decisions? What does the board owe the membership by way of expeditious action? Can one of these obligations be said to override the other in general? In this case?
  2. Are some inefficiencies and awkwardness in the short term worth the long-term benefits of the democratic processes? Is Cofferswell “short-circuiting” those processes?
  3. What should Anna do? What would you do in her position?

Please keep the different models in mind when you discuss these questions (attached).

Note: You are expected to make one initial post by Thursday and reply to the posting of at least two other students by Sunday.

  • Each original response to the questions for the week must be at least 80 words long and specifically reference some concept or content reference in the coursework for the week.
  • Peer responses must be at least 50 words long and one or more of these types: 1) agreement with extension, 2) an alternative perspective with rationale, or a 3) respectful challenge with counter argument.

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