Answering the question in Word document and Excel document.

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I will send you the book and other materials and all you need is to check the chapter and complete the work in Word document and Excel document.

Chapter 10.

The case instructions are in page 188 – 189

Here are the questions that you need to answer

  • First, Go to the Internet and using the Zillow website select 10 such homes from the Springfield/Burke area. List their town, Zillow price in $1000s, and the square footage. Also collect data for the number of bedrooms for each house. This data will be used for the next case. Then complete the rest of the case study. This case will be a regression between price and square footage; do not include number of bedrooms in this case analysis. (You can find the table on page 188).

Then Generate the following as at least part of your analysis.

1- A scatter diagram graph showing the data points, and the regression line. The graph must be of presentation quality.

2- A table showing the Excel regression analysis printout(s).

3- From your analysis, a determination of the average cost per square foot for these homes.

4- A Spearman Test analysis.

5- Your recommendation as to whether the model is statistically significant and use the Causal Test to recommend if there is a cause and effect relationship (or the degree of cause and effect) between square footage and rental cost. Show your reference used for the Causal Test (literature, a phone call to an authority in the field, or some other reference). Use plain English for your explanation.

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