answering 2 questions using artickles provided only

This week two questions… Answer the one assigned below, AND the last question. To split up the responses this week, lets do this: If your FIRST NAME starts with ABCD- do question 1 EFGH- question 2 IJKL-question 3 MNOP-question 4 QRS-question 5 TUV- question 6 W, X, Y or Z- QUestion 7 Then everyone answers the last question. You should answer the question assigned by TUESDAY night. You have until Friday to continue the discussion by responding to at least 2 other students. Feel free to bring up other topics you are interested in or want feedback on from chapters 11 and 12. Food for Thought 1. How are genus Paranthropus and genus Homo different? 2. According to the article, when did hunting and cooking first evolve? What is the significance of these activities for early Homo? 3. Why did Homo Erectus move out of Africa? How was it possible? 4. Look at the chart at the end. What is the average caloric intake for Homo Sapiens? How does the modern Homo sapiens Diet Differ from that of Homo Erectus? The Inuit Paradox 5. Define/explain the following terms: glucogenesis macronutrients 6. What is the importance of Vitamins A, D, and C? Without plant food sources, how do the Inuit get enough of these nutrients? 7. What can we learn from our understanding of the Inuit paradox? Should we all switch to eating an Inuit-style diet? Can we even if we wanted to? EVERYONE: What is the paradox about ‘Inuit eating’? how does it compare to what we know about the eating habits of our earliest relatives, like Homo erectus? Requirements: a paragraph per question

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