Animal Welfare Environmental Seminar Summary

I’m stuck on a Environmental Science question and need an explanation.

Seminar summaries should be two pages, typed (double spaced with Times New Roman 12-1point font)

Please write a summary about the environmental seminar which you can access by the link below.

Seminar summary must include the following information:

a) Identify and summarize the problem addressed by the speaker and the approach to addressing the problem (e.g., hypothesis-based testing)

b) Who is the speaker and what is their background? Identify critical decisions that the speaker made that addressed the problem or its outcome. For example, did the speaker change methods or approaches during the study? Did the speaker decide to conduct more research before publishing the results? Did the speaker choose to move to a new subject at some point during the study?

c) What methods were used to assess the problem/hypothesis? Were the methods appropriate?

d) Present a brief summary of the speaker’s/study’s conclusions…

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