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Phrase1) a) Describe in your own words the problem background and purpose of the study, b) Describe the variables included in the study, c) Summarize the data using Excel and discuss key Summary Descriptive Statistics, d) Summarize the data graphically using Excel by i) generating Box Plots and ii) Histograms for each variable. Discuss the generated Box Plots and briefly comment on the shape of the generated Histogram e) Are there any outlier values? If present, what do you think is the source of outlier value? How it should be handled? Remember to interpret the findings accurately and present them in a clear and coherent way as a summery report. Phase 2 (Final report): Please add the following to your Phase 1 Report (including any improvements suggested in the feedback for Phase 1) complete the following tasks for this phase: a) Identify which variable will be used as the dependent variable and which variable will be the independent variable. b) Use Hypothesis Testing to address the study main objective. List your Hypothesis. c) Apply statistical methods in Excel to answer these questions Follow and report all steps required to conduct a complete analysis d) Final conclusions, decision-making and recommendations based on the results to XYZ Board of Directors. Requirements: various on question | .doc file

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