An Investor Wants To Estimate The Population Mean Earnings Of Stocks In The Fina

An investor wants to estimate the population mean earnings of stocks in the financial services sector. Assuming

the population standard deviation of earnings is σ=$1,250 {“version”:”1.1″,”math”:”sigma = $1,250″}, a confidence interval for which of the following would be best for this task?

Question 4 options:

μ {“version”:”1.1″,”math”:”mu”}, when σ {“version”:”1.1″,”math”:”sigma”} is known

μ {“version”:”1.1″,”math”:”mu”}, when σ {“version”:”1.1″,”math”:”sigma”} is unknown

The true mean of the differences, for paired data

The difference between two means, using independent samples

One proportion

The difference between two proportions

Linear regression

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