An essay on comics! Batman The Dark Night rises (pick one of 3 options)
Posted by:admin | April 29, 2021

Essay must be in MLA format and a minimum of 1500 words. If these guidelines are not met, a passing grade will not be given.  Be sure to reference specific panels and pages as support to your claim, do not summarize the comic/graphic novel, instead analyze. Make sure to have a solid thesis/claim. Do not add images to the essay.
***Do not use “I – We -You -Us” – make sure to analyze, not summarize. Use references and quotes as proof – avoid long quotes. Make sure to cite your references and quote properly at the end of the sentence, not at the beginning/middle – include author’s/artist’s last name and page number – for example (Miller 33). However make sure to also reference panel, so use (Miller 1/33) = panel 1 & page 33. Multiple panels (Miller 1-3/33) = panels 1-3 page 33. This is not an “official” citation format but a clear reference. Make sure to cite both panel and page for every reference.
pick one of 3 options:
Option #1: Compare the comic, Batman, The Dark Knight Returns, against Daytripper . Optional topics to explore, but are not limited to : characterization/identity, life/death, relationships, how gender plays a role, imagery, wants/needs in life, consequences of the hero. Do not contrast, compare. Make sure to analyze, not summarize.
Option #2: Compare the comic, Batman, The Dark Knight Returns with any version of the Batman movies. Analyze the similarities with specificity on a particular topic(s) regarding the comic character Batman, and the movie character Batman. It is not enough to say they are similar, but what about their similarities creates their identity with relation to his abilities/strengths/weaknesses/moral etc, and who they are and become? Analyze the characters in respect to comparison, not contrast. *Do not compare the animation version to this comic. There are the same.
Option #3: Analyze the graphic novel/comic Daytripper or Batman The Dark Knight Returns and demonstrate Joseph Campbell’s theories related to the “The Hero’s Journey” (located in the Batman module). All stages of the journey must be explicated, or the essay is considered incomplete.

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