American Inter Continental Dynamics of Mexican Emigration and Immigration Paper

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Write up the discovery from reviewing the Page assigned to you in your “Chavruta group.” Your pages are a portion of the Chapter on Corazon Destrozado –

The Crushed Heart: The Dynamics of Mexican Emigration and Immigration.”


Border of valley of death books

These are the points in the book

1) Federal immigration law takes precedent over labor law, which make the immigrants even more vulnerable whereas precious court order protect the immigrant which make the new government to exploit them.

2) Immigrant are more willing to take a boring and dirty jobs

3) Immigrant were the scapegoat for social and economic problems.

4) Psych-Spiritual Alineation: Loneliness in an unfamiliar land.

5) Gustavo said Loneliness is heavy burden and one of the most unrecognized aspect of the immigrant pains.

6) Loneliness made them to get into deviant behavior which are , drug, sex, gambling and alcoholism.

They live in isolated and rural areas because of the institutionalized church,

They could not see the priest as they want which limited their sacramental of their God. That made them to have a negative or neutral understanding of the God and institutionalized church.1

Loneliness is greater

Experience deep feeling of rejection.

Do my life have any significant

Fear of deportation is another pain

They often feel incomplete

That make them to go into dangerous journey.

Jesus Jimenez a Mexican nationality

They have burden of unforgiveness

Guilt of not been able to raise a family

Guilty of not be able visit family

Guilt of not be able to enjoy freedom

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