ALU MacDonalds Company Business Launch to Bosnia and Herzegovina Report

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Marketing varies across nations and cultures. It is a real challenge for marketers. Even if a business succeeded in one market, it cannot guarantee that it will repeat its story of success. The task is around the concept of marketing a business overseas.

You need to adopt to variations between markets embedding the factors such as culture, economy, etc., in your report. Requirements and instructions

1- This assignment is a group assignment. In a group of three to four members, the students have to select a country from the list provided by the course lecturer through a Lottering system.
2- The Areas that must be highlighted in the report (the body of the assignment): A detailed profile of your targeted customers (3 marks) Marketing Mix of the business. You can market goods or services. Note, if you are marketing services you need to elaborate the 7Ps (10 Marks) Competitive advantage or Unique Selling Point (2 Marks)

3- Your report should maintain the following standard

– 1200-1500 word count

– Times New Roman

– Double space

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