ACCT 302 Exchange Rates Between Kenya and the United States Report

Question Description

As per the instructions of the Department, a short project is given to you as a compensation of 5 Marks of the Mid Term Exam.

Instructions to complete the project:

  • Take the exchange rates of two different nations at two different time intervals and determine the DER and IER with reference to one country.
  • Discuss the impact on import due to changes in the exchange rate upon any one nation.
  • Also discuss the impact on export due to change in the exchange rate upon the same nation.
  • Discuss the strength or weakness of one currency over the period of time with reference to other currency.

Note: The currency and time are to be chosen by all the students independently, therefore the results will be different from one another. Don’t try to copy and paste. It will not be accepted and bring you a zero mark.

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