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Preparation for Discussion Board Assignment Participation

Read Chapter 3 and complete the self-study problems. Also, consider reviewing the IRS Publication 463, Travel, Gift, and Car Expenses (Links to an external site.) particularly Chapter 5 in Publication 463 on Recordkeeping, starting on publication page 24.

Writing prompt for assignment

Each year you prepare a tax return for your client, Sebastian. Sebastian started a new business in January of 2019 delivering groceries to elderly clients. He uses the family van they have personally owned for years to make the deliveries. The family also use the van for personal purposes because they all cannot fit into the Toyota Prius they also own. It is now March 13, 2020 and you are meeting with Sebastian to gather information to prepare his 2019 income tax return. You ask him to provide the amount of business miles driven in his van during 2019. You are planning to use the standard mileage method to calculate Sebastian’s deduction for transportation costs. Sebastian states “I don’t keep track of my miles”. He pauses to think, then says “I guess I drove about 4,000 miles in 2019”. What would you say to Sebastian?

  1. Can you deduct the mileage as a business expense for 2019 on Sebatian’s income tax return?
    • If yes, describe a legal method for Sebastian to document the miles.
    • If no, describe why not. If no, explain to Sebastian what is required for 2020 to change the conclusion to yes. If yes, describe why.
  2. Respond to a classmate’s post. Do you agree with his/her conclusion? If so, why? If not, why not? Include one specific reason referenced in IRS Publication 463.

After your receiving the post answering QUESTION (1), I will have access to see MY classmates’ replies and SEND IT BACK TO YOU TO DO THE QUESTION (2).

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