ACC 00724 TUM Cash Budget Associated Advice on Financing & Variance Analysis Essay

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This assessment focusses on Topics 9 and 10. For this assessment, you will make two submissions: (1) your answers to all parts in one Word document through the “A4 Written…” submission link; and (2) your video for part 3 through the “A4 Video…” link. Do NOT include the questions in your submission document. Instead, use part numbers as headings. Marks for Parts 1(a) and 2(a) will be based on accuracy, correct approach and a concise, tidy and easy to follow presentation of the figures. Marks for Parts 1(b) and 2(b) will be based on practical and applied answers that demonstrate understanding of the relevant unit content (referring to relevant concepts) and are appropriate for the given scenario. References should be kept to an absolute minimum in this applied context. References to journal papers, in particular, are unnecessary and will detract from your answer. A separate marking rubric will be provided for Part 3 of the assignment.

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