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This week you will Read Chapter 2 “An Emotionally Supportive and Equitable Environment” use the book.The name of the book is Creating Environments for Learning Author: Julie Bullard ISBN: 978-0-13-401455-5. The book is in the book shelf. You will need to log in to retrieve the ebook.

A “Theme” isn’t exactly what you think it is…..

When we think of themes we often think about the theme of a wedding, baby shower, or how we decorate a room. A learning theme is a topic that we teach to young children. In order for a learning theme to be successful, the topic must be fun, relatable, relevant, and developmentally appropriate.

One of my favorite “themes” to teach young children is “All About Me.” Since we know that children are naturally egocentric, they LOVE to learn about themselves.

For this discussion board:

1) Come up with a list of 5-8 potential learning themes.

2) Are your themes fun and relevant for preschool children? If so, how?

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