Academy Education Services Preventing Sports Injuries and Exercise Discussion

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Part one

Discuss the four best practices for obtaining software.


Part two

Read the first page of the following article: Preventing Injuries in Sports, Recreation, and Exercise (Links to an external site.). Give your opinion of the article. Did you think that there were that many risk factors to consider before participating in sports, recreation, and exercise?

Please be detailed in your answers.

2. respond to students post below

Dawson Pitsor

When reading the article I thought that it is something can be very effective not just for athletes but for anyone who is trying to exercise and do activities. It provided many ways to prevent injury and the proper ways to certain things when exercised. Before reading it I would have not thought that there were so many of these risk factors when participating in almost anything. This is something that I think is going to help me when working out or even just going on a walk and how important it is to try and prevent the injuries.

Prof. Angela


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