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F For this assignment you need to Choose an article from Times of Oman, Muscat Daily, Oman Tribune, Oman Observer, or any Oman-based newspaper/Magazines/ ProQuest etc. related to the topic; Business or Microeconomics in Oman.

1. 1. Write a summary of the news article in your own sentences without plagiarism and submit in E- Learning ‘ONLY SOFT COPY REPORT along with % of similarity index from Turnitin.

2. Discuss any three important micro economics concepts related to your chosen news article.

3. How does this article help you in your decision to choose suitable market to start your business. Give suitable examples of choice of your business in reference to What to produce? How much to produce? Whom to produce? What price to decide?

4. Provide references (such as: books, journals, hyperlinks etc.).

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