A Uniform Spherical Globe I 23 M R 2 Having A Radius Of 15 Cm And A Mass Of 0 05

A uniform spherical globe (I = 23m r 2 ) having a radius of 15 cm and a mass of 0.05 kg, GGG

rotates about its vertical axis on frictionless bearings. A light chord is wound around the equator of the globe, then run over a frictionless pulley (I = 1 2 m r 2 ) and attached to a metal weight

as shown in the figure above. The pulley is a solid wheel having a mass of 0.03 kg and a radius of 5 cm. The metal weight has a mass of 0.1 kg. If released from rest, Let us determine the velocity of the metal weight after it has descended a distance of 0.2 m, using conservation of energy.

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