A Uniform Long Thin Rod Has A Mass Of M 20 0 Kg And A Length Of L 1 It Is Pinned

 A uniform long, thin rod has a mass of M = 20.0 kg and a length of L = 1.50 m. It is pinned so that it can pivot in the horizontal plane about an axis that is one-third of the way from the end of the rod, as shown in the figure below. Three forces, all with a magnitude of F = 75.0 N, act on the rod. Force ~ F1 points at an angle of θ = 30.0◦ relative to the rod and acts at a distance 1 3L from the other end of the rod. Forces ~ F2 and ~ F3 act perpendicular to the rod, with ~ F2 acting at the center of the rod and ~ F3 acting at the end of the rod. What is the angular acceleration of the rod?

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