A food System approach to Cooking

Course: A food System approach to Cooking  Instructions: Describe an idea or issue that you learned in the Article “Sustainable Diets-The Public Health Perspective” that has resonated with you in a way that will impact your future decision-making as an eater, food system practitioner, or professional in another fiel  How do you see this issue influencing your future actions?  Do you believe your actions will have the desired impact on the greater food system at  Reflect on the content of the video “why we need to change to change our food system”, your own food & nutrition understanding and experiences your thoughts about food systems.or the references use only the documents attached and the video as sources. No outside sources!The paper needs to be 500-750 words, 12pt font, single or 1.5 spaced Source 1.     Lawrence M., 2019 – Sustainable Diets-The Public Health Perspectiv 2.     Video: why we need to change to change our food system (Youtube) https://youtu.be/VcL3BQeteCc

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