A 141L Diablo Valley College Earth, Rocks, Minerals & Life Lab Report

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Your first virtual lab assignment for Anthropology is a downloadable twelve page Word document in which I try to reproduce the flavor of in-class lab experiences. I ask you to “Illuminate (investigate, illustrate/draw/diagram/print, label, and describe)” aspects of planet Earth, and some of the planet’s more important rocks, minerals, marine fossils, and life forms. Use texts, Doc Talks, internet resources (Wikipedia, etc.) to carry out each investigation. You are encouraged to be creative, artistic, imaginative and informative in the ways that you demonstrate what you have learned about the subjects specified on each page. Download the entire assignment from Files and complete each page of the packet as directed. Text can be typed or handwritten and illustrations can be diagrammed, hand drawn, or copied and pasted from the internet. All twelve pages of this should be completed, saved as a PDF or Word file

It is not necessary to cite references! Cutting and pasting of images is allowed but all text should be in your own words. Using text copied from any source (text books, the internet, etc.) may result in a lowered or failing grade and/or disciplinary action.

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