9 You Are Working On A Project To Move The Contents Of An Office From One Locati 1

9.You are working on a project to move the contents of an office from one location to another. You need to move

heavy furniture such as desks, filing cabinets, lounges and photocopiers.

It is anticipated that the move will take two days as there is a lot of furniture, equipment and a lot of paperwork to be moved.

The company will use a removals company, but employees are also expected assist with the move.

Although this is not a major, on-going project you should conduct risk assessments and formulate risk management plans.

Why are risk assessments and risk management plans necessary and what areas should be covered by the plans? Consider business risk, health and safety risks and possible injuries.

12 You are employed as a supervisor at the local mail distribution centre. The centre wishes to develop a new staff recruitment and selection process, to be implemented within the next three months. You have been assigned the responsibility of project manager. Describe how you would determine if the plan was finalised. Explain your approach to gaining approval to commence the project.

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