7:30-8:00am EST blood/heart anatomy questions LIVE help

Hi. I will be working on some anatomy/physiology questions on July 20th, 7:30am EST(in 2 and a half hours), and I will be needing some LIVE help. The questions will be open within an 30 minute time frame(7:30-8:00am EST) and I would need you to be online and responsive during that time frame. The questions are about blood and heart (Intro to circulation, erythrocytes, blood types, overview of cardiovascular system, cardiac muscle, blood flow, heart sounds, cardiac cycle, cardiac output). All questions will be multiple choice. Many of the questions will be application questions (apply the knowledge in hypothetical situations, not just memorization.) I will send you the PPT slides on the topic after we match so you can have a better idea of the area of questions. Please make sure that you would be able to do well on these questions and this topic in general, and will be available during said time frame. Requirements: Just the answers, with brief explanation when required

Prof. Angela


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