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Suppose you and lots of your friends have decided to celebrate the end (?) of the pandemic with trips from Dal to Eastern Europe. To maintain the feeling that the world is big and wide, you don’t want to travel in big groups, nor keep running into each other while you’re travelling. You’ve decided to stay spread out with the following rule: on any particular day, if region A is labelled with the number x and region B is labelled with the number y, then at most min(x, y) people can travel from A to B, and at most min(x, y) can travel from B to A. (You can assume movements are synchronous.) The first few days may be a little chaotic, but then things should stabilize for a while, with the same number of people leaving each region as entering, until the last people are leaving Dal and eventually making their way to Eastern Europe. During this intermediate period of stability, how many people are leaving Dal each day (or, equivalently, how many are arriving in Eastern Europe)? Requirements: in word doc | .doc file

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