2D2-09 – Measure the following list of variables by searching the internet or research library and reading the resources to provide example questions.

 U2D2 – Levels of Measurement and Creating Survey Questions
After reading about levels of measurement in Chapter 4, search the Internet or the Research Library for examples of questions that measure each type of
Complete the following in your discussion post:
• Use the construct of yearly income to write a survey question, along with the possible answers, for each type of variable level of measurements; nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio.
• Clearly label which survey question is nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio.
• Program Evaluation Life Cycle – read transcript
Use your Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement text to complete the following:
• Read Chapter 4.
INTRODUCTION – Unit 2 – Program Evaluation: Quantitative Research Design
This unit continues your study of program evaluation. The activities will apply your new knowledge of research design to the evaluation of program
To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:
1. Explain strategies for measuring program effectiveness.
2. Understand variable level of measurement.
3. Explain the reliability and validity of measures.
4. Communicate through writing that is concise, balanced, and logically organized.

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