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Being able to connect children and families to Community Resources is an important way for teachers to support families and assist them in connecting to the community. It is also a special communication skill to develop when working with families – to be able to assist with empathy (not pity), when families are experiencing hardship. And children who are experiencing a difficult time at home often present with challenges in the classroom/in care. They may be unable to learn due to hunger, or because they haven’t slept, or because they are not clean, etc. Creating this list will not only familiarize you with your local resources, but also provide you with a valuable resource to have for future use with your students and their families. Thus, helping to ensure your classroom is a place of safety and comfort for the child, so they can relax and focus on learning.

Pick 10 categories from those listed below. Use your Internet capabilities to research and locate ONE RELEVANT community resource from EACH of your 10 categories (your sources need to be local to YOUR area – where YOU live and/or work):

  • Alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse
  • Childcare
  • Basic Needs (clothing/food/shelter)
  • Counseling/Mental Health
  • Crisis/Emergency
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault
  • Education (Parents/children)
  • Employment
  • English as a Second Language
  • Health Care
  • Legal
  • Literacy/Learning
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy
  • Recreation
  • Safety
  • Special Needs
  • Transportation (Bus schedules, shuttles, train, etc.)

For EACH of your 10 resources you need to provide the following listed below. Please number and list each resource separately, do not provide all the information in one big paragraph.

1) Category
2) Name and Address of the Resource (it needs to be local TO YOUR AREA)
3) URL address of the site/resource
4) Date and time you located it
5) A paragraph (not one or two sentences) explaining the services offered by the resource IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Please do not copy and paste the services from the site into your paper, OR FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK (or deductions will be taken).

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