1 Word Count 350 Words Plus Minus 10 No More Than That 2 References Chicago For

 1) Word count: 350 words plus minus 10% no more than that

2) References: Chicago format

3)Use “Outsourcing” as the recommendation

4) Refer to “BUS296 – TMA 2019 UILG” page 8 for journal articles to be use 5)Search for Journal articles (2010 and above) Should not contain 2010 and below 

7) Use the Audit report to come out with the recommendation

8)Refer toBUS296_Module 3_Managing demand_VIDEO slidesSlide 11 & Service Marketing Article 1 Failurefor the demand and supply as in the color for recommendation

9)Have clear referencing and clear in-text citation(not in number kind)  

10)Refer to “journal reference method” In-text Citation to be in this format(author, year, page

11)Take note of the language use  

12) Do not use “If” or “You”

13) Use more service marketing terms

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