1 Compare And Contrast Strategic And Tactical Analysis And Its Application To St

1.  Compare and contrast Strategic and Tactical Analysis and its application to street crimes such as robbery and property crimes such as burglary.  In your opinion is one more suited in addressing criminal behavior?

2.  What is CPTED?  Please elaborate on how CPTED may be an effective means to reduce a criminals Modus operandi?  Provide an example.        

We first must define what both tactical and strategic analysis and the differences between the two. Tactical analysis, the study of recent criminal incidents and potential criminal activity by examining characteristics such as how, when, and where the activity has occurred to assist in problem solving by developing patterns and trends, identifying investigative leads/suspects, and clearing cases (Boba, 2001). Strategic analysis is the study of crime and law enforcement information integrated with socio-demographic and spatial factors to determine long term “patterns” of activity, to assist in problem solving, as well as to research and evaluate responses and procedures (Boba, 2001). Both of these analysis applications can be used to solve past crimes and prevent future one. The specific question was which type of analysis would be more suited for criminal behavior such as robbery and property crimes? I 

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