1 Can You Please Edit My Paper And Check For Plagiarism If You Can

1 Can you please edit my paper and check for plagiarism if you can? Thanks.

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 comparison and optimization methods and features affecting  transformation of Escherichia coli

Escherichia coliE. coliEscherichia coliE. coliThe basis of the study is to identify the factors that affect the production of  cells that are able to produce high levels of transformation efficiency in common laboratory strains.

The studies review has showed the fact that the problem of methods and factors that affect the transformation of Escherichia coli may vary consistently. Researchers (Chang, Verma, Lane, & Gan, 2013) show the comparative study of four chemical methods of the transformation of Escherichia coli and compares those methods to determine the most efficient ones. Existing methods vary but they also help to show differences and specificities of transformation of Escherichia coli. One of the studies (Chang, Verma, Lane, & Gan, 2013) compared four commonly used chemical induction methods for producing competent bacteria and determined the optimal set of criterion for the most effective transformation procedure. The researchers have managed to succeed in cloning TrE by means of using competent bacteria.

           At the same time, the main step in molecular cloning is Bacterial transformation. The bacterial transformation involves several important elements: preparation of competent cells, transformation, cell recovery period, and cell plating. The most common bacterial species used in the transformation step of a cloning workflow is E.coli (Bacterial Transformation Workflow-4 Main Steps). The specific mechanism of the transformation of cells under the impact of different factors can help to determine transformations that occur to E. coli (Bacterial Transformation Workflow-4 Main Steps). Such transformations show the complexity of E. coli and its functioning as well as possible changes which may occur to E. coli under the impact of transformations which occur not only in the natural way but also under the impact of human intervention in terms of scientific experiments.

           Taking into consideration the complexity of E. coli, the professional training of specialists, who work with E. coli is uniquely significant. Teaching students about good sterile technique and the safe disposal of bacteria. Transformation of cells is widely used and important tool in genetic engineering. A plasmid is a circular double stranded DNA molecule that contains important genetic information for the growth of bacteria. Such findings help to grow bacteria to conduct studies of transformations that occur to them under the impact of different factors. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the study of transformations of E. coli and different methods and factors that trigger and influence those transformations is very helpful and may contribute to the better understanding of cell functioning and transformations.

           Thus, the study reveals the complexity of E. coli and its transformations which may occur under the impact of multiple factors. At the same time, the methodology used by researchers to study transformations of E. coli reveal different aspects of functioning of E. coli and transformations that occur under the impact of different factors.

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