1 By Reference To The Allowed Values Of The Quantum Numbers N L Ml Ms Explain Th

1)By reference to the allowed values of the quantum numbers (n, l, ml, ms), explain the following


                       a)  there are five orbitals in any set of d-orbitals

                       b) d-orbitals are not found before the 3rd quantum shell is reached

                       c)  a transition element (d-block) series is ten, and only ten, elements long

2)Draw diagrams of a set of d-orbitals, clearly indicating both the orientation in space and the shading of the various lobes.  Ensure that each orbital is labelled clearly. In your diagram, try to ensure you indicate the directionality of each orbital lobe.

3)What is the role of the iron ion in blood?  Provide a brief account, based upon a coordination chemistry view of the overall process.

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