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At Pointer Writers, we offer affordable University and College essay writing services for clients with the objective of delivering high quality academic papers. We guarantee you that your essay will be delivered with time having met all the guidelines for academic papers.

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Our ENL and ESL experts have years of experience and you can trust them to provide you with high quality work.

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Be rest assured that at Pointer Writers your assignment will always be delivered before the initial deadline to provide you with ample time to review your work.


ur experts write your papers from scratch ensuring that there is no chance to plagiarize it.

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We will ensure that all your academic needs are handled in one place and that you receive high quality academic writing services from our professional writers. To welcome you, we will give you a discount of 15% for papers above two pages.

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At Pointer Writers we have 100+ writers who have specialized in various subjects that are offered in University and College including high school. The writers at Pointer Writers are one of the most qualified in dealing with University and College assignments.

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1. Fill out the order form- Indicate all the necessary details when completing the order form.

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2. The writer is assigned- Once the order form is complete, we will analyze it and assign it to the most suitable writer with a similar background and a degree in your field

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3. Make a deposit and your writer will start working on your writing project.

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1. Your money will be released to us ONLY after you are satisfied with the final paper.

Welcome To Our Essay Writing Services

At Pointer Writers, we specialise in custom writing and editing services for University and college assignments for clients around the world. In the last 10 years we have provided essay writing services that have transformed the lives of most students. By tailoring our services to the needs of our clients, we have managed to rise into one of the top writing companies. We believe in the potential of our clients which is the reason we offer top notch academic help at an affordable price.

For an individual in need of our academic writing services, one can easily hit the chat box and seek help from our staff. We provide 24 hours support to all our customers. You can always keep track of your work which is a good thing. In addition, you will be able to raise any issues concerning your assignment at any time. We ensure that our company offer cheap and affordable essay writing services that is essential in ensuring that all your academic needs are met.


Imagine getting your essay done in just a few hours. This leaves you with a lot of time that can be used to review the information that is written in the essay and also to study and contemplate on the various issues that have been studied over time. It also makes your life as a student to be easy which generates a positive attitude that acts as a drive and inspiration. Therefore, there is no problem with deciding to seek academic help at


Imagine of a situation where the amount of time left to the deadline is small. In such a situation, the best option is to visit us at and use our affordable essay writing services. Therefore, our services are very useful for university and college students that may require quick academic papers. 

For students who have part time jobs, the best solution that one has is to buy essay papers online since one has to balance between their studies and work. In addition, one has to find time to do other things in life such as focusing on hobbies and meeting friends. This cannot be possible if one happens to spend most of their time working on essays and therefore, for such as student our company, Pointer Writers is the best option.


opt to buy essay papers online than to stress themselves with the tasks. On the other hand, some of the students may be experiencing challenges with a new language which would mean that the students would have a very bad experience while handling their assignments. There is no problem with acquiring the paper from online sources since it helps one to overcome these problems that come with the entire process of writing essays.

 In order to come up with an essay that will earn you a high rank from the professor, there is need to conduct extensive research and to also possess skills that will enable you to write a good paper. This also calls for commitment on the part of the student. 

The threshold for writing a good paper is high where one has to prove that they are really aware of what they are doing. One can avoid all these trouble and buy an essay paper from online sources such as Pointer Writers that offers affordable essay writing service.


There is no limit to the type of essays that one can make a custom essay order on. However, the kind of paper that is delivered is based on the instructions that are given to the writer by the student. The essays services offered at pointer writers are based on different subjects that are studied in various institution. These subjects include; English and literature, history, nursing, sociology, psychology, politics, Economics and business among others.

On the other hand the various essays that are written comprise of dissertations, argumentative essays, case study, article review, business plan, annotated bibliography, literary critics, reports and research essays among others. However, the list is not limited to the essays that have been outlined.


In comparison with other essay writing services, our company cares about its clients and provides top services that’ll fit any budget. We know how it may be difficult for a student to earn or save money, so prices start at only $6 per page. That is why we have many repeat customers who use our help constantly. Pointer Writers’ mission is to make online essay service affordable.


One should ensure that hire writers that are credible enough to handle their papers. It is important to note that there are quite a number of essays that exist. These essays have different goals as well as style that used when writing the essay. 

At times, one may be required to come up with strong arguments that clearly show that the individual has clearly understood the subject matter. For instance, one may be required to give an analysis of an article or a book where one must clearly show that they have understood the book or the article. 

On the other hand, in order to write such an essay, one must be aware of how to write a critique or an analysis of any piece of writing. Basically, the point we are trying to prove is that different essays require a different style of writing where one should ensure that they hire the right person for the task. Therefore, for affordable University and college essay writing services, should visit us at Pointer


In the first place, most students believe that essay writing is a simple task until they sit down to write an essay. Not every student have the right skills that are required for this task. Some of the students have a problem with language and grammar which brings the need to find other means through which they can get the essay papers. 

There is no problem with the students looking for custom essay papers or seeking for services offered by companies such as Pointer Writers. However, after acquiring the papers, one should take time to go through the paper so as to ensure that all the instructions that were required are met. One should also ensure that they understand the various ideas that have been developed by the professional which helps them to get to learn and improve themselves based on the task.

Therefore, the custom essay papers available at Pointer are of great help to most students since they help them to easily coordinate various aspects of their lives as students. With our affordable essay writing services one can easily coordinate between school and other responsibilities such as family and job without having to worry about assignments. 

Essay writing services are able to deliver high quality paper within short time periods which also make it easy for the students to meet various deadlines. On the other hand, the papers are acquired at affordable prices which makes it easy for any student to get this services. Therefore, one should forget about the troubles that they experience when writing essays and seek for assistance from the right person. Check out our samples for more.

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